It’s Gotta Be The Shoes

February 19, 2013
Adrian Headley
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On Sunday 16th February Michael Jordan celebrated his 50th birthday. Apart from being one of the truly great sportsmen, he, alongside Nike, created quite possibly the most famous and greatest line of trainers (sneakers for all you American readers!). I first noticed a pair of trainers carrying the now famous logo as a 11 year old, my best mate had just got the air Jordan 4′s, and it was love at first sight.  My next pair of trainers HAD to be a pair of Jordan’s.  After a lot of pleading and begging with my mum, and a few chores around the house, I got them…. The Nike Air Jordan 5 in black, the red Jumpman embossed on the  silver tongue reflecting the light. The clear gum sole with the iconic Jordan silhouette topped off with a toggle to tie the laces. I was hooked, addicted to jordans, nike and trainers in general, and even though I loved football/ soccer, Michael Jordan was my hero, everything that had the Jumpman logo I was all over it! Tees, adverts, I can even remember my mum buying me Michael Jordan aftershave!

So thanks to MJ I have, what my girlfriend would say, is an unhealthy obsession with trainers and clothes, so here’s to the next 50 years, happy birthday Mr Jordan.

It’s Gotta Be The Shoes